Android TV officially announced

One of the announcements at Google I/O 2014 was Android TV, a new platform that will run on streaming boxes or be integrated into smart TV sets. Android TV is rich in functionality, with support for both video and music streaming. It even offers the ability to mirror your Android device, so you can play games on your TV (with multiplayer support). Additionally you will be able control your Android TV with your smartphones or tablets along with a regular D-Pad control with voice.

Android TV is mainly all about entertainment and Google has ensured that partners like Netflix, TED and others have signed up in time for launch.

Apart from the video, you will have a selection of tailor-made apps for your Android TV. These apps will have a similar design to Android L with a easily visible sidebar to help users navigate through their content.

One of the best additions to Android TV is support for Android games. Users will be able to connect a game controller along with other devices (like tablets) to play multiplayer games with friends. Android TV will include Google Cast support, allowing you to easily case your music or photos easily to your TV.

Android TV is expected to debut this fall, packed with its own select of apps. Manufacturers like Asus and Razer have committed to build steaming boxes, while Sony, Sharp, Philips and others have been promised to build Android TV into their TV sets

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