Motorola Moto E - Video Review

Motorola Moto E

While Android manufacturers usually scramble to release smartphones with higher specs than the others, Motorola has calmly been capitalizing on the rest of the market. As their flagship device, they release the Moto X, which proved that you don't need top specs to be successful. Their mid-range is ruled by the Moto G, which shows that affordability doesn't necessarily mean low end specs or design. The most recently announced Moto E hopes to win over the entry-level smartphone users and wrestle away some feature phone users into the smartphone world in the process.

Price at an aggressive $130 off contract price, the Moto E is a hard phone to beat in the entry level space. It may not be the perfect device, but is offers some amazing value for its price. So if you are on a budget, looking for an affordable smartphone or just want a cost-conscious backup smartphone, the Moto E is a worthy choice.

source - PhoneArena

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