LG G2 receives Knock Code update

When LG launched the LG G Pro 2, they introduced a new feature called Knock Code, which allowed the user to unlock their phones using a two to eight tap pattern which they could create. Now this feature is being pushed as an update to the international LG G2 (LG D802) units.

Back in March LG announced that the Knock Code feature would eventually be made available for the LG G2 and the LG G Flex, and that the rollout would be done in different time to different countries.

Kock Code is essentially an enhancement to the Knock On feature which was introduced with the LG G2. As LG has moved the physical keys on their new smartphones to the back of the device, they wanted users to be able to awaken their handsets when they were lying on the table with the screen-side up. With Knock On users were able to awaken their device by tapping twice on the screen (a feature available to Nokia's Lumia devices). Knock Code enhances this by allowing the user to create a (two to eight) tap pattern which they can use to unlock their device with an added level of security.

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source - PhoneArena

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