[GUIDE] How to unlock bootloader, root and install custom recovery on Motorola Moto E

Motorola Moto E

Despite being nothing more than an entry level smartphone, the Motorola Moto E is one of the best value for money Android devices in the market today. With a solid performance, stellar battery life and its affordable $130 price, the Moto E is setting itself up to be a huge success. Like with any successful handset, hardcore Moto E users would want to root, unlock and install custom ROMs on their devices, so we have put together an all-in-one step by step guide on how to get all this done on your device

[NOTE] The following guide is applicable for the Motorola Moto E running Android 4.4 KitKat

[NOTE] While the following process should be easy to follow, we do not advise you to proceed unless you are well aware of the risks

[NOTE] Please backup your data (applications, contacts, images etc.) before you proceed with this guide

[DISCLAIMER] Your Moto E warranty maybe void if you follow this guide to unlock your bootloader. Please note that this website will not be responsible for any loss of data or device malfunction which may occur from incorrectly following this guide and that you are following at your own risk.

1) How to unlock the Moto E

You can unlock your Moto E bootloader by heading to Motorola's own support page. The Moto E is the first among such budget devices to receive an official unlock method by the manufacturer itself. If you face any issues, you can check out our guide on how to unlock the bootloader on the Moto X or Moto G for assistance.

2) How to root the Moto E

Once you have your device unlocked, it is time to flash the TWRP custom recovery and root your device with Super SU. Those who need help doing these steps can follow our step by step guide below

  1. Download and extract mfastboot-v2 to your computer;
  2. Download the TWRP custom recovery for Moto E, rename the file to recovery-twrp.img, and place it in the folder where you extracted the mfastboot-v2;
  3. Download SuperSU and copy it to the base folder on your Moto E;
  4. Connect your Moto E to your computer, press Volume Down + Power for a few seconds;
  5. On your computer open a command prompt and navigate to the folder you extracted mfastboot-v2
    • On the latest versions of Windows, you can open the folder, right click in an empty area and select 'Open a command window here'.
  6. Run the following commands in the command window
    • fastboot boot recovery-twrp.img
    • fastboot flash recovery recovery-twrp.img
  7. Wait a minute until the screen is blank, then press the power key and swipe on your display to restore touch function;
  8. Select Install from the options list and scroll down to the SuperSu file that you previously copied to your Moto E.
  9. Swipe to start the flashing process;
  10. Once the process is complete, select reboot;
  11. Once your device has booted on, head over to the main menu and see if the SuperSu icon is present. If it is you are rooted.

source - Motorola | XDA

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