[DEAL] Get the PC version of Battlefield 3 for free for one week

Electronics Arts has recently begun an "On the House" initiative, offering premium PC games free of charge through their Origin games service for a limited time. The latest games to be treated to this offer are Battlefield 3 and Plants vs. Zombies. EA is also offering The Game of the Year edition of the original Plants vs. Zombies for free on Origin through June 16, and it is free on both PCs and Macs.

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Battlefield 3 is free to download until 10 a.m. PT on June 3, so make sure you grab it while it is free.

Battlefield 3 features four player classes - Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon - each have their specialties, and learning how these work with each other is the key to victory. Like taking the heat? Play Assault, and revive your fallen teammates on the front line. Prefer the distance of a sniper? Take the long view as Recon and neutralize the enemy threat before it appears. However you like to play, there’s something here for you.

The game also features various unlockable items: Ranks, Ribbons, Medals and the ongoing leveling that results in specializations that enhance your prowess. Stick with your helicopter, for example, and unlock IR flares that ward off oncoming missiles, or increase your stealth capabilities. Or equip a flak vest to reduce splash damage from explosives. Or any of scores of other options. There’s an embarrassment of riches on offer, and every second of play puts you closer to unlocking more. Build up to the loadout of your dreams to annihilate your opponents with extreme prejudice.

Battlefield 3 also gives you access to multiplayer gaming with multiplayer maps. You have a total of nine maps with challenges like choke points, wide open spaces for vehicular combat or multi-level urban environments on ranked server

“Even if you're not ready to download it yet, just add it to your Origin game library,” the company’s Craig Harris said in the announcement. “Once you do that it’s all yours for keeps and you can install it whenever you want.”

Between these two offerings and the recent giveaway for the original Dead Space, the method to EA’s madness is becoming clear. These free games are older titles that have since been supplanted by sequels such as Battlefield 4 and Plants vs. Zombies 2. EA’s no doubt hoping that a few free tastes will whet your appetite for more, perhaps encouraging you to buy the sequel or maybe a dash or two of downloadable content for the free game. (You can spend more than $100 on Battlefield 3 expansions packs and kits.) Plus, you’ll need to install the Origin gaming service on your PC to use the free games—another win for EA.

It’s a pretty clever way to put older games to good use, if you ask me. But more importantly for you, free games! Sure, it’s getting a bit grey around the edges, but Battlefield 3 is still no slouch. Head over to Origin’s On the House page to claim the games while you can.

source - Electronic Arts

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