Asus plans to unveil "The next incredible thin(g)" on June 2nd

Asus plans to unveil "The next incredible thin(g)" on June 2nd

Asus is planning to unveil a new device on June 2nd and promises that it will be "incredible" and "thin" (or incredibly thin). The company has released a short teaser video which does not reveal the device itself but gives little hints and rumors on what we should expect.

The thinness seems to be the main focus of the video as it is compared with a piece of paper being pulled out of an envelope.. A presentation similar to Apple's first unveiling of the MacBook Air several years ago. The other focus is on the pen like input. With Microsoft recently demonstrating the writing capabilities on their Surface 3 tablet, it looks like companies will look to make productivity a main focus on their devices. Especially to compete with the likes of the Apple iPad.

So what can we expect to see then? The Asus PadFone X, the new phone + tablet PadFone combo, which has surfaced in ads and teasers multiple times. Could we finally hear about release dates and prices, or we can have a brand new devices, unveiled in probably a very theatrical show, where we can expect Asus’ Jonney Shih to put up a good show.

Unfortunately for Asus, June 2nd is the exact day when Apple’s WWDC kicks off, so chances are that it won’t have much chance to fight for the media spotlight, but a good product will nonetheless not remain unnoticed.

In either case, the cloud of mystery will be gone in just five days, not too long even for the impatient ones out there. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts about what you want to see from Asus in the comments below.

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