Accessorize your Apple products with wood cases

Accessorize your iPhone, iPad and Macbook with "We Where Wood"

Accessories come in various shapes, sizes and colors. But you usually have only plastic built cases for your precious devices which leave your favorite tech looking less classy than they ought to be. Thats where 'We Wear Wood' comes in.

This company whose tag line is "Wood meets high tech". believes that your prized possessions deserves something that makes it stand out from the rest with the unmatchable beauty from natural materials. They believe the solution to this is wood.
Because of its natural beauty, wood has always been used as an ageless, noble, natural material for crafting man’s most prized possessions. No other material is as deeply embedded in the history and culture of civilization…as wood.
We Wear Wood products protect your gadgets, satisfy the creativeness that you crave, and match your personality. We Wear Wood offers bamboo iPhone cases with multiple, custom laser-engraved designs for the Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iPhone 5s. The company also creates MacBook and iPad covers out of red oak that stick onto the back to give your product a personalized look and style. The MacBook and iPad covers have precisely measured cutouts that take advantage of the Apple logo (and illumination on MacBooks) on the back for an even more unique look.

Now the company is looking to expand and have started a kickstarter project with an aim of bringing their products to even more of your tech and accessories. Head over to their website following the source link below and grab a fancy accessory to make your tech stand out among the crowd.

source -  WeWear Wood

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