Make your Microsoft Surface speakers louder with "Ears"

Make your Microsoft Surface speakers louder with "Ears"

One of the biggest complaints from Microsoft Surface owners has been the poor output from the tablet speakers. Now a simple accessory called "Ears" aims to solve that problem. "Ears" are small silicone pieces that fit over the top corners of your Surface slate. Covering the speaker, they redirect the sound to the front of the tablet, bringing a 10 dB increase in the actual volume. It also makes the sound a lot clearer.

"Ears" are not electrical, they don't use battery power nor do they require wires. They won't fall off, even when the tablet is jarred, or turned upside down. And because they are small and lightweight, you can keep them anywhere.

The company behind the accessory is seeking $5500 in crowd-sourced funding, and so far has raised $3189 within 21 days left. You can pledge $10 to receive a pair of "Ears" for your , , or . The Kickstarter funding period ends April 28th.

For those with a Microsoft Surface tablet,"Ears" could be the perfect low tech solution to the volume problem that afflicts the speakers on Surface tablets. "Ears" come in a variety of colors to match the Microsoft Touch Covers, and you can see them in action by checking out the slideshow below.

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