Jolla releases update 5 for Sailfish OS

Sailfish OS
Jolla released update 5 for its Sailfish OS which is also known as Paarlampi. The new firmware brings several new features and improvements to the platform, while addressing quite a few of its shortcomings.

Version of Sailfish OS allows Jolla smartphone users to two-way sync Exchange contacts, as well as set a default account for sending emails. MMS functionality is finally brought to the OS, including the ability to receive carrier access point settings OTA.

Additionally, EXIF data is now stored in photos captured with Jolla’s camera. Users can also save GPS coordinates of the images they have captured with their handset.

Swipe to close gesture, visual interaction hints, and keyboard sounds wrap up the list of new features brought by the update. The gestures and the keyboard sounds can be tweaked in the device’s settings.

Bug fixes and improvements are plentiful too. The most notable one includes a security fix which addresses the OpenSSL “heartbleed” bug which set the web and the social networks on fire over the past week.

Android runtime has been optimized too. The new OS version allows for proper update support for installed apps, as well as improved 2D/3D performance among many others.

You can check out the full Sailfish Paarlampi update changelog by hitting the source link below.

source - Jolla Users

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