Joe Belfiore reveals Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview details and release info

Joe Belfiore reveals Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview detailsJoe Belfiore has sent out a tweet confirming that the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview will be made available during the first part of April. The tweet said that an exact date for the release of the Preview has not been made. The Developer Preview will be available both to Registered Developers and to users signed up at the Microsoft App Studio.

Belfiore also revealed that Local Scout, which gives information about nearby stores and eateries, will now be a part of Maps, and that Bing Music will be part of virtual personal assistant Cortana. He also stated that the Music app will be available as a separate app on the Windows Phone Store. This means that Windows Phone users will be able to obtain updates for the app  directly from the Store, instead of waiting for an OTA update to be sent out.

The Developer Preview will not include any of the enhancements available for Nokia Lumia users through the Lumia Cyan update. This update will have exclusive enhancements from Nokia, and will be pushed out to all (Lumia) Windows Phone 8 users in Summer.

source - Joe Belfiore (Twitter) | WMPowerUser

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