HTC One M8 vs. LG G2 - Video Comparison


The LG G2 may be one of last year's smartphones, but is still more than capable of standing up against the newest onslaught of flagships. We already saw the G2 go up against the Galaxy S5. Now it takes on the shiny new . Lets find out if the new hardware advantages give the One M8 the edge

Both Android smartphones are top performers in several key areas. In terms of pricing, the LG G2 has the advantage of being around longer as it is free on contract and $465 contract free. Meanwhile the HTC One M8 will cost you $200 on contract and $650 contract free. While the One M8 may have the advantage of premium build quality and long lasting battery life, the 13MP Optical Image Stabilized camera on the G2 offers better results than the Duo camera setup.

At the end of the day, the camera may end up being the deciding factor between the two handsets.  If you happy with the M8 camera, you probably wont mind spending the extra money for the premium built device.

source - PhoneArena

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