[Guide] How to switch to a Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8

Nokia wants to show users how easy it is to switch to a brand new Lumia device and they have released a series of videos demonstrating exactly how easy the process can be. If you do not consider yourself technically proficient, then these videos will be very helpful.

These videos are each a little over four minutes long, and the majority of each segment covers common set-up steps which are the same across the board. That means the important step-by-step parts are only a few minutes. Nokia has dedicated a segment for each platform solely to help you make the switch from whatever you have to your new Lumia.

With the upcoming release of Windows Phone 8.1 devices like the Nokia Lumia 930, Lumia 630 and the Lumia 635, Nokia wants to make sure that users wont have any obstacles between them and choosing a Lumia Windows Phone.

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