How to pin DJs Mobiles and other websites to your Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen

Windows Phone 8.1The Windows Phone 8.1 software update brings several enhancements to Windows Phones and while we have discussed several of those enhancements that you wont know about until you come across it. One of those features is the ability to pin dynamic websites to your Start Screen

This is a feature already available to Windows 8.1 users, and it looks like the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview uses the same features thanks to the updated Internet Explorer 11.

DJs Mobiles has been optimized with Live Tile support for some time now, so you can pin our website to your Windows Phone 8.1 devices to extend that to your mobile devices. With Live Tile support, our website will offer you scrolling feeds of headlines from our website.

How to pin your website with Live Tile support on the Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen
  1. Open Internet Explorer on your Windows Phone and navigate to
  2. Remember that you can also download our DJs Mobiles for Windows Phone app
  3. Once you are on our website, click the menu button on the bottom of the page and select pin to start
  4. The DJs Mobiles Live Tile supports three sizes and you will get news updates on the larger two

So far, this feature also works with websites like CNN, MSN, and others, check if your favorite websites can be pinned to your Start Screen and let us know which ones work.

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