[GUIDE] How to make Windows Phone 8.1 automatically switch on Wi-Fi when you are home

How to make Windows Phone 8.1 automatically switch on Wi-Fi when you are home

The Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview includes several new features and improvements. One of the new features is the Wi-Fi Sense enhancement, which includes the ability to switch Wi-Fi on automatically after a certain amount of time. This is a neat feature for anyone who wants to save their battery life when they are on on the move. However you can even set the Wi-Fi to switch on when you reach home or work.

This is an additional geo-location based setting built into Wi-Fi sense based on a set of pre-defined places. The goal is to create a set of locations where you would like Wi-Fi to switch on automatically and Windows Phone will do the rest for you.

Specify your favorite locations (that have Wi-Fi)
  1. Switch on GPS location tracking on your Windows Phone
  2. Navigate to your apps and open Maps (not HERE Maps) on your Windows Phone
  3. Search for the locations you want Wi-Fi to turn on automatically and add it as a favorite using the “Add to Favorites” button at the bottom of the location’s card window.

Setting Wi-Fi to switch on automatically in your favorite locations
  1. Make sure that your GPS, remains enabled
  2. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and turn off your Wi-Fi network
  3. Now you will see a new option which reads "near my favorite places” under the ‘Turn Wi-Fi Back On’ setting menu.
  4. Once you have selected it, your Wi-Fi will automatically turn back on when you reach your favorite location, whether it is your home, work place or your favorite coffee shop.

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