[GUIDE] How to enable Quite Hours on Windows Phone 8.1

How to enable Quite Hours on Windows Phone 8.1

One of the new features coming to Windows Phone 8.1 is 'Quite Hours', a "do not disturb" feature powered by the digital personal assistant Cortana. The option is available under Cortana's settings and allows you to turn of your Windows Phone notifications when you're at an important, watching a movie or sleeping. Here's how you switch it on.

How to enable Quite Time on your Windows Phone
  • Manual - The easiest way to access quiet hours is to add it to as an option to actions center. To do that go to Settings > Notifications + Sctions > choose your quick actions > tap an icon slot > select quiet hours. Now you can trigger quiet hours just by pulling down on your action center and tapping quiet hours icon or by just telling Cortana to turn it on or off.
  • Automatic – By setting rules you can make Cortana automatically trigger quiet hours during specific times or when a calendar event has you marked as busy. go to Settings > Quiet Hours > toggle on Right Now and Automatic Rules. From there you can select specific days and hours you want quiet hours to automatically activated. You can also select whether or not you want quiet hours to automatically come on for calendar events marked as Busy.

Who can bypass Quite Time on your Windows Phone

Quiet Hours is powered by personal assistant Cortana, which also allow selected contacts, from your “Inner Circle”, to get through the quiet hour block. The Inner Circle are a list of important contacts which can break through quiet hours block. The phone will alert when messages or calls are received from these people, provided that it has been set to do so.

Setting Breakthrough rules for Quite Time

Scrolling down on same page reveals options to edit and change the breakthrough rules. From here you can tell Cortana who and who can get through to you during quiet hours. You can select to break quiet hours when someone calls your twice within three minutes, though they may not be in your inner circle. Or have Cortana automatically reply to text messages when you’re in quiet hours. There is also setting for text messages.

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