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[Android app] Adobe Photoshop Express updated (2.2) with frames, borders and more

Adobe Photoshop Express for AndroidAdobe Photoshop Express for Android has been updated to version 2.2.190, now allowing you to add a plenitude of various predefined borders, edges, vignettes, and frames to the images they edit. These customization features are already present on the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Express for iOS.

You can download the update directly on your device through the Google Play Store. You can also download it and find out whats new after the break.

Download from the Google Play Store
Price Free
Requirements Android 4..0.3 or higher

Adobe Photoshop Express for Android version 2.2.190 has the following new features and improvements
  • You can now add one of various predefined borders, edges, vignettes, and frames to the images they edit.
  • Pet-eye (a.k.a. green-eye) correction, which is similar to red-eye removal tool. It enables you to get rid of the nasty bright reflections that you usually get when you take a picture of your pet and the flash of the device paints its eyes either green or yellow.
  • Improvements to navigation makes it easier to use the app and learn of its new features
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
The last major update to Adobe Photoshop Express for Android brought an updated user interface along with several performance improvements. However, the image editor had certain issues with Android's experimental ART runtime back then – the app did not function correctly and was quite likely to crash if users ran it under ART. While Adobe hasn't detailed the improvements and bug fixes with this update, we hope the above mentioned issue has been fixed.

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