Amazon smartphone leaks: offers new way to interact with phones

Amazon Kindle Phone leaked

While we are witnessing the unveiling of the OnePlus One, it looks like Amazon is steadily working on readying its first smartphone for the market. This (Kindle) phone will reportedly feature unique software features that will change the traditional tap-and-swipe way we interact with our phones.

The Amazon phone will reportedly come with a 4.7 inch display so that users can easily handle the device with one hand. The handset will additionally feature four power-savvy infra-red cameras on the front that will work with a pack of sensors to track the position of your head in regards to the phone. This unique combination of 4 cameras, software and sensors will enable a new way of navigating a smartphone by just tilting your smartphone. Amazon is said to have gone as far as removing all menus in apps - you’d just tilt your phone left and right to get into settings. Tilting the phone like that would result in a screen with the settings sliding over.

For example, in the messaging app, tilting the phone to the screen would bring the camera, allowing you to quickly embed an image to your text. In the weather app, on the other hand, just tilt the phone to get the extended forecast. This implementation are expected to vary in apps: while reading a book in the Kindle app, for instance, tilting the phone would bring up the X-Ray menu with references about the book; in the email app, you’d be able to tilt the phone just a bit to see labels for the otherwise label-less icons. In a search for, say, a restaurant, tilting the phone when looking at the list of results will display Yelp ratings. In Amazon’s video store, when looking at a list of movies, you’d be able to just tilt the phone to see IMDB ratings.

In addition to this ground-breaking new feature, Amazon is also bundling up the possibility for your camera to read and recognize signs and other text in real-world pictures via optical image recognition (OCR). The camera software will thus allegedly be able to extract the text from images, and then even translate it into another language.

The Amazon’s smartphone is said to get an official unveiling and christening by the end of spring.

source - BGR

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