Amazon FireTV officially announced - A $99 streaming and gaming device

Amazon FireTV
Alongside Microsoft's huge BUILD 2014 conference, Amazon decided to schedule an event of its own centred around its video business. During the event Amazon unveiled FireTV, a $99 streaming device which is going up against the likes of Roku and Apple.

The unit itself is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm processor with 2GB of RAM. It streams content from services like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo along with content from you Amazon Cloud Drive account to your HDTV screen. It features the "X-Ray" movie info function from Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets and a new feature called ASAP, which aims to predict which movies and TV episodes you will want to watch soon, and automatically lines them up for playback.

The FireTV is complemented by a Bluetooth remote control, a gamepad (sold separately for $40), and if you would like to go hands-free, there's "voice control that actually works", in Amazon's words. With the box packing potent Qualcomm silicon, it makes sense that the retail giant will be pushing its gaming capabilities. For now, Amazon is promising cheap games, an abundance of free-to-play titles, and likely some exclusives to help the platform really sink in.

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Amazon FireTV

Amazon FireTV

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