[Windows Phone app] Machinarium

Machinarium for Windows PhoneAmanita Design has released their award winning adventure game Machinarium on the Windows Phone 8 platform. The game features enchanting hand-drawn graphics, quirky music and brain-busting puzzles to solve.

You can download the game directly on your device through the Windows Phone Store. You can also download the game and find out more about it after the break.

Download Download from Windows Phone Store
Price $ 4.49
Requirements Windows Phone 8

Press the Search searchbutton on your Windows Phone, tap Vision vision and then scan the following barcode by pointing your device camera toward it

In Machinarium for Windows Phone you play a robot who has been exiled to the scrap heap. You have to use logic, collect important items, and solve environmental puzzles to get the robot back into the city of Machinarium so he can rescue his robot-girlfriend, save the head of the city, and defeat the bad guys from the Black Cap Brotherhood.


Machinarium for Windows Phone has the following features:
  • IGF – Excellence in Visual Art Award
  • DICE Awards Finalist
  • Gamasutra – The Best Indie Game Of The Year
  • PAX10 Finalist
  • VGChartz.com – The Best Indie Game Of The Year
  • 90% Destructoid / Adventure Gamers
  • The Best Soundtrack Of The Year — PC Gamer

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