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The Oscars photo which broke Twitter and made the record books

The Ellen selfie which broke the world record

Samsung was one of the major sponsors of tonight's academy awards. The company took the opportunity to debut their first Galaxy S5 ads during the award ceremony, but also made sure they outfitted the host, Ellen Degeneres with a Galaxy Note 3. Ellen would first take a selfie of herself on stage followed by one circled by some of the attendees.

Ellen then said that she would send the picture out as a tweet and instructed the huge television audience to re-tweet the message in an attempt to break the record for most popular tweet of all time.

As it turns out, it was mission accomplished for Degeneres, whose tweet can be found below.

In fact the tweet from @TheEllenShow broke the previous record which showed President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama embracing after the president won re-election in November 2012. The tweet even broke twitter due to the immense surge of traffic which resulted from the retweeting.

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source - @TheEllenShow (Twitter)
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