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Opera mini 8 released for Java-running phones and BlackBerry OS

OperaOpera mini, the version of the browser for older that run Java-based platforms, including the classic BlackBerry OS has been updated to version 8. There's a new look and a new set of features is available.

The updated version has a new Speed Dial start page with redesigned tiles, as well as the addition of Night mode, improved data savings reports, and Private mode.

Opera mini 8 offers the following key features and improvements
  • Night mode: Browsing the web on a bright mobile screen at night can feel a bit like looking into the sun. Opera Mini 8 includes a night mode that dims the effects of an ouch-that's-bright screen, using darker colors that are easy on your eyes. You can enable it in the Settings menu.
  • Improved savings reports: Need to keep track of how much you surf? The new and improved data-savings page lets you monitor and adjust how you save data, such as setting the quality of images, all in the same place — no detour into Settings needed. All your surfing is squeezed down to as little as 10% of its original size, so, if you are on a bad connection or paying for data as you go, Opera Mini 8 will keep you online longer.
  • Private mode: Need to lend your mobile to a friend for Facebook or Gmail checking? Opera Mini 8 now supports private tabs that don’t save information once the open tab is closed. That way, you can stay logged in on your main window, while your friend checks out his or her account in a private tab.
Opera Mini is free and available from Opera's mobile page.

source - Opera Software
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