Nokia X hacked to run Google Services

Nokia XAs you may know, the Android powered Nokia X Series devices target their users to Microsoft services like Outlook and Skype instead of Google Services. However XDA member Kashamalaga has managed to root the device and, load the Google Play Store and Google apps like GMail, Google Now, Google Maps and Hangouts onto the Nokia X in just five steps.

Nokia Developer Team has actually tweeted out that it is excited over the progress made in hacking the device. While Nokia maybe pleased by this, Microsoft wouldn't likely be happy with this news. Nokia's head of devices, Stephen Elop, expects Nokia's X Series to provide a gateway to Microsoft's services so that users will find their way to select Windows Phones eventually.

While we don't expect general users to hack Google services onto their Nokia X devices, it should be in Nokia's best interest that users prefer Microsoft's services over those offered by Google.

You can check out a video and some photos of the hacked Nokia X below.

Early on Saturday, XDA members managed to port the Nokia Store from the Nokia X over to other Android devices running Android 4.1.2 or higher. The Nokia X devices have some exclusive Nokia services which we would love to see ported to Android.

source - XDA

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