Nokia Store and MixRadio from Nokia X ported to other Android devices

Nokia XThe recently launched Android powered Nokia X Series offers Microsoft services like Skype, Outlook and OneDrive along with Nokia services like HERE Maps and MixRadio. These apps are available on the device through the Nokia Store.

The folks at XDA developers have managed to extract these apps from the Nokia X and released the apk files it for regular Android devices. The first two applications which have made their way from the Nokia X are the Nokia Store and Nokia's music streaming service, MixRadio.

The Nokia MixRadio experience is fairly similar to MixRadio on Asha/S40 devices. The installation process is simple, you just need to sideload the .apk file on your Android phone. The latest version doesn’t need build.prop modifications to work, so root is not required.

The Nokia Store, while not as rich in selection as the Google Play Store, offers some apps exclusive Nokia apps usually not available to Android device. Unfortunately not apps can be installed due to some permissions and API problems, because of Nokia’s framework and API changes on the X family. If your device is rooted, please give it a try and let us know which apps work for you

source - PocketTech

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