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Nokia shows us that Windows Phone isn't far behind Android and iOS when it comes to apps

NokiaNokia and Microsoft want to make sure that consumers will no longer see Windows Phone as that mobile OS that doesn't have enough apps. Nokia released a video which presents the “new app reality of Nokia and Windows Phone”, suggesting that there’s no reason to choose Android or iOS over Microsoft’s OS just because the first two platforms have a significantly larger number of apps.

Nokia says that many Android and iOS apps aren't useful, or are redundant (for example, there are more than 1,000 flashlight apps in Apple's App Store).

Nokia reminds us that “many of the true icons of the app world are already available in Windows Phone Store.” And if you can’t find an app on WP, there are alternatives, or exclusive apps - including Nokia HERE Maps, Nokia ProCam, Microsoft Office, and Xbox integration.

At the moment, there are over 200,000 apps available in Windows Phone Store, and, according to Nokia, some of the best designers are “building gorgeous apps everyday specifically for Windows Phone.” Check out the App Reality video below.

Do you agree that Windows Phones are in par with Android and iOS when it comes to 'useful' apps ?

source - Nokia (YouTube) | WP Central
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