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LG thinks Ellen should have used a G2 at the Oscars

The Ellen selfie which broke the world record

Samsung was one of the major sponsors of tonight's academy awards. This allowed them to have Galaxy devices all over the show. We saw the first Galaxy S5 ads, while the host Ellen Degeneres was armed with a Galaxy Note 3 which was used to capture what has become a world famous selfie.

Ellen, who is famously known for using an iPhone was given one of Samsung's phablets to use during the award ceremony. Her first selfie was trolled by Nokia, who claimed that she could have avoided the blurry photo if she had used a PureView device.

The second photo, which ended up breaking a record for the most number of retweets wasn't able to include all the famous faces it hoped to capture. The image was actually snapped by Bradley Cooper, which Ellen pointed out in her tweet saying "If only Bradley's arm was longer..." the image would have captured everyone.

LG has chimed in with a tweet of their own, pointing out that Ellen could have used the volume down key on the back of the LG G2 and taken the photo herself. The LG G2 was the first smartphone to put the power and volume keys on the back of a handset.

Its unlikely that Ellen would consider switching to a Nokia, LG or even a Samsung device in the near future. The talk show hostess is likely going to return to the comfort of using her iPhone which she even had on her backstage.

source - LG (Twitter) | WSJ
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