[Guide] How to root the Nokia X and install Google Play apps

How to root the Nokia X

We previously reported that the Nokia X had been hacked to run Google services. Now we have put together a step by step guide on how to root your Nokia X and install Google Play services. There is even a video walkthrough to help you in case you get stuck

  1. Rooting your Nokia X
    • Download Framaroot.apk
    • Copy the APK file to your device and open it using a file explorer of your choice
    • Once you open Framaroot, click on Gandalf (to use the exploit)
    • Select SuperSU in order to root your phone
    • Reboot your device
  2. Download Root Explorer and install it in your device (with root access courtesy of SuperSU).
  3. Download internal Google Play Services APKs and copy them to system/apps using Root Explorer
    • Note that you should not install the APKs, make sure that you copy them to the above mentioned folder. The permissions for these files will be changed automatically by asking you for a prompt
    • Reboot your device
  4. Installing Google Apps
    • Download Google apps for Android
    • Extract the files and install them one by one on your device
    • Reboot your device
    • Enter your Google account in setting and enjoy access to Google services on your Nokia X
You can follow the video guide below if you need further assistance rooting your Nokia X and installing Google apps

source - XDA | FoneArena

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