First look at Family Guy for iOS and Android

Fox Digital Entertainment and developer TinyCo. today released the first images (and some GIFs) for the upcoming free-to-play Family Guy mobile game. The images, pulled directly from the game, show off Family Guy mainstays like Peter, Lois, Chris, Joe, Quagmire, Herbert, and Bonnie, but not Meg, which was probably intentional.

The Family Guy mobile game launches for iOS and Android devices this spring. It features an original story conceived by the show's writers. Some of the show's main actors, like Seth McFarlane (Peter, Stewie, Brian), Alex Borstein (Lois), Mila Kunis (Meg), and Seth Green (Chris), are also collaborating with TinyCo. for the project.

The game will be supported by microtransactions that will allow players to "control the speed of their progression," Green told GameSpot in December. Players will be able to purchase characters, character actions and abilities, and decorative items for their play space.

The new Family Guy game comes on the heels of the success of another free-to-play Fox digital property,The Simpsons: Tapped Out, published by Electronic Arts and based on the longest-running sitcom in TV history.

You can sign up to learn more about the Family Guy mobile game by signing up at its official website today.

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