Angry Birds Epic unveiled as turn-based strategy RPG

Angry Birds Epic unveiled as turn-based strategy RPG

Rovio promised that they had a new Angry Birds game in the works and recently teased that it would have a medieval theme.  Now some new information regarding the game has been revealed suggesting that it will be a turn-based strategy RPG, unlike the usual flinging games Rovio is known for.

The game will be called Angry Birds Epic and is said to be heavily focused on narrative. It will feature a "challenging endgame" and will allow you to upgrade your characters, weapons, armor, and potions as you progress through. Resources will be found in the game and there will be a crafting system for upgrading gear, but also in-app purchases for speeding up that process. So far, it has also been confirmed that the Red Bird will be the warrior class, and the Yellow Bird will be a Mage, but the other birds are as yet unaccounted for.

Angry Birds Epic will also be free-to-play, but we are fully expecting quite a lot of in-app purchase options. Rovio has been taking that pathway recently as we saw with Angry Birds Go! and its awful free-to-play scheme. We do also know that Rovio is planning a "soft launch" of Epic in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, which essentially means it needs to test out the in-app store before the full launch, just like it did with Go!.

Still no word on when to expect Angry Birds Epic, but given all of the info coming out, it is likely to be relatively soon.

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