Sony teases MWC announcement

We are hoping that Sony has something big in store for us at this year's MWC, with the strong possibility that the Japanese firm will introduce the successor to the Sony Xperia Z1. The new flagship, which is code named the Sony D6503 Sirius, would be announced just less than 6 months from the unveiling of the Xperia Z1. Because of this we assume Sony may announced a refreshed Xperia Z1 instead of as the Xperia Z2.

 Sony has released a video with the tagline "Something extraordinary is coming," and while the quick 16 second teaser  does confirm that there will be some Xperia related announcement at MWC, it doesn't give up too much.

Do you prefer Sony release a new Xperia Z2 flagship alongside the rumored Galaxy S5 and the HTC M8? Or would you rather see a refreshed Z1 at the MWC and have Sony release their flagship later in the year.

Sony is also rumored to be readying the Xperia Z2 tablet for the MWC.

source - Sony (YouTube) | Android Authority
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