Nokia Lumia Icon vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 - Video Comparison

Nokia Lumia IconSamsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is still one of the most popular Android devices, even though it nearly a year since it was launched. Now with the announcement of its successor looming, the aging flagship faces a new challenge in the form of the Nokia Lumia Icon - a powerful contender on Verizon's network looking to dethrone the once  top smartphone

Even though the Galaxy S4 is still a very capable device, it's probably not the best time to consider purchasing one so close to the announcement of its successor. The 32GB variant is priced at $149.99 on Verizon, which seems a little high considering its age. Even if you choose it contract free, you will still end up paying $650.

Comparatively the Lumia Icon costs $200 on contract, but only $550 contract free. Even with its lower price you get 20MP camera with optical image stabilization, a newer more powerful processor and a premium material build.

Nokia Lumia Icon vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung still has the advantage of the Android app ecosystem and flexibility, along with secondary features like its IR blaster, which turns it into a remote. But with the growing Windows Phone platform combined with the strong hardware features, it will be hard to choose the Galaxy S4 over the Lumia Icon.

You can read a detailed comparison between the Nokia Lumia Icon and the Samsung Galaxy S4 on PhoneArena.

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