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LG G Pro 2 - Photo samples of the Aurora Borealis

LG G2 Pro
The LG G Pro 2 is supposed to have an even better camera than the LG G2 (which was a great one its own right),  despite having the same 13 megapixel resolution. Since this is one of the main features of the new smartphone, LG decided to show off it’s low light capabilities, by photographing the Northern Lights (aurora borealis).

The aurora borealis isnt easy to capture on a mobile phone, but the results seem quite remarkable. You’ll need a lot of patience even though it’s very visible to the naked eye. The G Pro 2 features optical image stabilization, which no doubt helped it with long exposure shots but a tripod has also likely been used based on the quality of these photos.

Unfortunately the EXIF data from the images so it’s hard to tell if there was any editing involved. You can check out the source image files by heading over to the source link below.

source - LG (Flickr)
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