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Even more Windows Phone 8.1 features leaked, courtesy of SDK

Windows Phone 8.1 featuresWindows Phone developers working with the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK are releasing even more information about new features they've spotted on Microsoft's mobile OS. We have already seen a whole list of features leaked out by developers who have been testing the latest version of Windows Phone, but despite the non-disclosure agreement not to share information about the update the leaks keep coming.

One new feature is the burst camera mode that apparently will be available to Windows Phone owners in 8.1. Part of the feature will give users the ability to select when the pictures will be removed from your handset. Considering that burst shots can quickly fill up the storage on your phone, you can set your Windows Phone 8.1 unit to remove the photos from your device after 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, or never.

Windows Phone 8.1 features (1)

Other new features include one that mutes a thread in a group message, a timesaver if there ever was one. Speaking of saving time, IE 11 will remember the password you are using for certain websites. Meanwhile Storage Sense lets you use a default location to store certain content. For example, you can save pictures and music automatically to a microSD card, freeing up your native storage for games and apps.

Windows Phone 8.1 features (2)

Windows Phone 8.1 is expected to be unveiled at Microsoft BUILD conference in April, foollowing which it should be pushed out as an update to Windows Phones.

source - WPCentral

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