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BBM updated (2.0) for Android and iOS

BBM for iOS and Android version 2.0BBM for iOS and BBM for Android have been updated to version 2.0 bringing them in line with BBM for BlackBerry 10. The update includes BBM Channels, BBM Voice, local sharing with Glympse, Dropbox integration and much more. BBM is a cross platform messaging service, currently available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10.

You can download the update directly on your device through its respective app store or by using the following links:

Android iOS BlackBerry
Download Google Play Store Apple App Store BlackBerry World
Price Free Free Free
Requirements Android 4.0 or greater iOS 6.0 or greater BlackBerry 10

BBM Voice, which is already on BBM for BlackBerry 10, and will allow users to make free phone calls to other BBM users regardless of platform. After the update, BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android users will be able to share pictures, documents and voice notes with one click.

Additionally BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android users will be able to share pictures, documents and voice notes with a single click once they have updated their to the latest version of BBM.

BBM for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 will also get access to BBM Channels.These are basically discussion groups that users can create. Topics can include sports, hobbies, movies, television shows and more. Posting to a channel starts off a discussion and specific chat hours can be posted. BBM subscribers are alerted whenever there is a new post on a channel they follow. BlackBerry is hoping to monetize Channels by allowing companies to open a channel for a brand or specific product.

The update adds location sharing, powered by Glympse, which allows BBM subscriber to share his location with specific members, for a certain period of time. This is perfect for those times when you're running late and you want those you are supposed to meet, to be able to follow your progress to the meeting place in real time. The beauty of Glympse is that you set the period of time that your location is available for others to see. Once the time you set has expired, your whereabouts become private once again.

With the update to BBM, users receive support for the cloud based storage service Dropbox, allowing you to send files from your personal Dropbox account to your BBM contacts, and save files from BBM to your Dropbox account. Lastly, the update adds 100 new emoticons, bringing the total number to 200. Some of the new emoticons were based on drawings submitted by BBM subscribers.

Press Release

BBM updated (2.0) for Android and iOS brings 100 new emotes
100 new emoticons are being added to BBM with today's update

source - CrackBerry

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