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[Android app] Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher
The Google Now Launcher (formerly Google Experience Launcher) has been an exclusive on the Google Nexus 5. However it looked like Google was planning to make the launcher available to a wider number or users.

Starting today you can download the Google Now Launcher directly on your Nexus or Google Play Edition devices through the Google Play Store or by using the following link:

Download from the Google Play Store
Price Free
Requirements Varies with device

The best two features of the Google Now Launcher are, not surprisingly, ways to access Google Now/Google Search faster. If you have a supported device, and you were to install the Google Now Launcher, Google Now itself would permanently fit itself to the left of your default homescreen. And, if you want to get at Google Search, you just have to say "OK Google" when you're on your homescreen. The launcher can even import your homescreen setup from your current launcher if you want.

As we noted, if you have either a Nexus device like a Nexus 4 or a GPE device like an Moto G, you'll be able to install the Google Now Launcher directly from the Play Store. Otherwise, you can try sideloading the APK and hoping for the best. Sideloading doesn't necessarily work with every device. The launcher reportedly works on the , , and . It even works on the Motorola Xoom, which happens to be a Google Experience device. However, Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4 are reporting that the launcher doesn't work for them.

If you need help on installing the Google Now Launcher on an unsupported device, you can check out our guide on:
Please leave us a comment if you sideload the APK on your Android device and let us know which devices it works with.
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