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Acer teases new Android phone

Acer has just teased a new smartphone on its Google+ page, ahead of the MWC 2014, which is set to start next week. The unannounced device will be a part of the Taiwanese maker's Liquid series. The image isn't especially revealing, but the device features an interesting sensor on its back panel. It could be an infrared blaster, a fingerprint sensor, or some kind of hardware button. We will have to wait until the MWC to find out more.

From the image we see that the device looks sleek and the buttons on the left side seem especially thin. The back itself slightly seems to resemble the curves of the HTC One, which we already know to be a well designed device.

We hope to see this and more from Acer at this year's MWC, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the event next week.

source: +Acer | Android Central
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