[Guide] How to install Whited00r 7 and bring the iOS 7 experience to iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and older iPod Touch

How to install Whited00r 7 and bring the iOS 7 experience to iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and older iPod TouchPurchasing an iOS device can be expensive, but it gets frustrating when your device quickly gets old and you no longer get access to the latest software updates from Apple. Recently the company released  which shelved even more of our older iOS devices by removing support with the update.

Last year we saw the rise of a tool called Whited00r, which brought an iOS 6.0 look and features to devices like the original Apple iPhone 2G, Apple iPhone 3G, Apple iPod Touch first gen or Apple iPod Touch second gen. Now the team have turned their attention to iOS 7, claiming to recreate the iOS 7 experience without slowing the handset down in the process.

The Whited00r 7 features include an iOS 7-styled camera, multitasking, Control Center and more to devices that use the ARMv6 CPU. The installation includes access to the Apple App Store and Cydia, as well as a feature called AppTimeMachine which preserves versions of apps that have since dropped support for older hardware.

[DISCLAIMER] Installing this MOD requires you to jailbreak your device. Please note that this website is not responsible for any loss of data or device malfunction which can occur from following this guide. Please proceed at your own risk.

[NOTE] You will need to jailbreak your iOS device before you proceed. You can check out our Jailbreaking guides for various iOS devices here. 

[NOTE] Please make sure you backup your data before you proceed. You can transfer your applications from your device back to iTunes by right clicking on our device name on iTunes, selecting Backup and then Transfer Purchases.
  1. Head over to http://www.whited00r.com/installation on your web browser and download the Whited00r 7 setup file for Windows or Mac.
  2. Set your iOS device in Pwned DFU mode using a tool like Redsn0w
    • Download Redsn0w
    • Open Redsn0w and click on 'Extra' button and then on 'Pwned DFU'. 
    • Follow the instructions provided by Redsn0w. 
    • At the end of the process your device will be in Pwned DFU State with black screen.
  3. Once you have downloaded the compressed file from one of the links above extract the (.ipsw) file to an accessible location on your computer (eg: desktop)
  4. Connect your iOS device to your computer
  5. Open iTunes and select your device and click on Restore holding ALT (MacOS) or SHIFT (Windows) at the same time and select the whited00r Software Update (.ipsw) from you computer.
  6. After the installation is complete iTunes will ask if you want to restore from your previous backup [NOTE] Though you can restore your backup at this point the developer suggest a clean installation on your iPhone to avoid issues. 
Whited00r 7 brings the following new features and enhancements to your older iOS devices
  1. Push Notifications - Whited00r includes Amazing iOS7-like Push Notifications on the Lockscreen with blur-effect and banner alerts. Touch on the Notification to open the corresponding application. Whited00r also allows you to enable Push Notifications on an unlocked iPhone with a simple Graphic User Interface in Settings that will automate the whole process.

    Whited00 7 - Push Notifications
  2. Multiple Stores for Applications - Whited00r provides access to both the official AppStore and Cydia. Whited00r also offers a unique service called AppTimeMachine. This exclusive service contains many applications that dropped support for older devices.

    Whited00 7 - Multiple Stores for Applications
  3. New and Improved Camera App - Whited00r includes the new iOS7 style camera app. You can now view your shot in full screen and capture it with the volume buttons. Whited00r supports high quality video capture courtesy of Cycorder's low level access sensor. Videos may also be exported to the camera roll or even shared via MMS, email, or YouTube.

    Whited00 7 - New and Improved Camera
  4. Multitasking - Multitasking is made possible by simply double tapping the home button to reveal a thumbnail preview of your most recently use applications. For advanced users, the legacy multitasking bar is also included. It keep applications running in the background using system memory. The classic multitasking bar also comes with the iPod Controls and Rotation Lock toggle.

    Whited00 7 - Multitasking
  5. Control Center - Control Center gives you quick access to commonly used settings and apps. To access Control Center, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

    Whited00 7 - Control Center
  6. Voice Control - An alternative to your voice assistant Siri, on newer devices is now available to for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Whited00 7 - Voice Control
  7. Customize features on the fly - With Whited00r, customization is only a few taps away! You can disable unused features like Siri Voice Control or folders to speed up your device. You have full control of System Daemons and you can even unlock advanced features to finely tune your Whited00r installation.

    Whited00 7 - Customization
You can check out the entire Whited00r changelog here. While this does not be the same experience you will get on an iPhone 5s running the full iOS 7 experience, its still trying out if you have an old iPhone or iPod Touch lying around.

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