Google Play Music for iOS

Google Play Music for iOSIts been six months since Google announced that they will be bringing Google Play Music to iOS. Now after months of rumors and reports of internal testing, the app has finally arrived on the iOS platform. Google is even offering one month free for All Access ($9.99 per month afterwards).

You can download the app directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch through the Google Play Store or by using the following link:

Download Download from iTunes
Price Free
Requirements iOS 7.0 or greater

Google Play Music for iOS gives you access to all your personal music which you purchase and upload to Google's cloud. If you purchase the All Access pass, you will have access to the entire 20 million track collection on Google's database. You can either stream the music, or save it to your device for offline playback.Music can be played back at 320kbps and can be played back through any AirPlay or Bluetooth devices. 

There is also the recommended music lists (both algorithmically generated, and curated by humans), and the Radio feature which works just like it would with Spotify, Pandora, or iTunes Radio, although Google lets you add and remove tracks from the radio playlist, so you have a bit more control.

Unfortunately because of the restrictions placed by Apple, you will not be able to purchase new music, or even start an All Access subscription through the iOS app of Play Music. However you can still make your purchases through the web or Android device and have the content synced to your iPhone.There are also a few smaller missing features like the "I feel lucky" radio option, but Google says it is working on bringing those in a future update.

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