Nokia Camera for Windows Phone

Nokia Camera for Windows PhoneEarlier today Nokia demonstrated their new camera app on the Nokia Lumia 1520 and promised that it would make its way across their Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices. Fortunately users wont have to wait any longer as the app is already available for download through the Windows Phone Store. Nokia Camera for Windows Phone combines the features of the Nokia Pro Camera and the Nokia Smart Camera into one app, ensuring that you wont have to keep switching between them.

You can download the app directly on your supported Nokia Lumia device through the Windows Phone Store or by using the following link:

Price Free
Requirements Windows Phone 8

Nokia Camera allows you to make the changes you want so you can take great photographs. With auto mode, those using the app will be able to quickly change settings if they are taking an action shot, or using the camera at night. Manual mode lets you control settings like white balance, ISO, focus and shutter speed. This will let the more experienced photographer set up a picture the way he or she wants it. Smart mode will allow you to combine shots taken of a sequence to focus on motion, remove motion or change faces so that everyone looks their best.

The app allows you to store the unedited, original versions of your photos so that you can zoom, reframe, and edit them well after they have been snapped.

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