Lumia Black update for Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices to arrive in early 2014

Lumia Black updateJust like the 'Amber' update which accompanied GDR2, Nokia has been working on a software release called 'Lumia Black' which is set to accompany Nokia Lumia Windows Phone devices with Windows Phone 8 Updated 3 (GDR3). The update is set to arrive on current generation Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices in early 2014.

A list of some of the new features which will be offered on Lumia Black for Windows Phone 8 Update 3 follows:

  • Nokia Storyteller: Relive your memories in a dynamic and interactive way. The app automatically integrates your phone pictures with location information, the plots this chronological picture journey on a map. Zoom out of the picture to see more, like points of interest tagged to the map and driving directions to the place. When viewing the images on the map, your memories truly come alive with auto playback of video, animated pictures like Cinemagraphs, with or a burst of images taken with the Smart mode.
  • Nokia Beamer: Share your experience and ideas easily and instantly with friends or colleagues by projecting your phone screen to any HTML5-enabled screen. You can also beam your phone’s screen to someone far away by sending them a link by email, SMS or via social media. Documents, maps, locations details, or even your camera viewfinder will be shown as you can see it, live and real.
  • Nokia Glance: An update to Nokia Glance screen brings colors to the sleep mode, notifications on missed calls and new emails on the standby screen to allow you to see more without unlocking the phone.
  • Glance Background: The final version of the app is coming with the update. The app allows you to customize the Glance screen on your Lumia WP8 smartphone with a personalized background image
  • Nokia is also adding a pedometer to Glance, which will measures the number of steps you’re taking with your phone and displays them on the Glance screen.
  • Nokia Camera for non-PureView Lumia devices: The new app combines Pro Cam and Smart Cam apps into one and, also brings some improvements and new features. We hope Nokia Camera will become the default camera application once the update arrives.

source - Nokia | Microsoft

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