Sony Xperia Z1 vs. LG G2 - Video Comparison

Both the Sony Xperia Z1 and the LG G2 are well made, high performing flagship smartphones which set the bar pretty high for any contender to follow. They are easily two of the best smartphones in the Android ecosystem and promise to offer an excellent user experience unmatched by their competitors.

The Xperia Z1 stands out with its appearance and build quality, with a 20.7 megapixel camera which is one of the best of its class. Unfortunately it can be rather bulky and its call quality could have been better.

Meanwhile the LG G2 offers a larger screen packed in a more compact body. Additionally its camera with optical image stabilization is nearly as good as what the Xperia Z1 offers. However the placement of the power keys in the rear will take some getting used to.

You can read a detailed comparison between the Sony Xperia Z1 and the LG G2 on PhoneArena.

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