Sony Xperia Z1 - Video Review

The Sony Xperia Z1 is a beautifully designed device and one of the most eye catching Android flagships in the market today. Its solid glass and metal casing ensures you are welcomed by a truly high end product, but the premium materials also make the device one of the bulkier devices in its class.

The Xperia Z1 specs include a 5 inch touch display with a full (1080p) HD resolution, 16GB of internal storage which can be expanded through microSD, a 20 megapixel camera capable of 1080p HD video capture, a secondary 2 megapixel camera for video calls and a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM. All of which work together for a truly exceptional experience.

However its most intriguing feature is its G Lens camera which easily out performs other Android handsets in capturing photos and even gave the Nokia Lumia 1020 a run for its money. The Z1 camera even performs extremely well with low light photos, but its video capturing could have been better.

Sony definitely has a winner with their Xperia Z1 and definitely goes head to head with the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and LG G2 as one of the top Android flagships. While Sony doesn't offer their devices in the market as much as their competitors, we can be assured that the Xperia Z1 will be one of top smartphone choices around the world.

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