PlayStation 4 release date announced for North America and Europe

We now know quite a bit regarding the Sony PlayStation 4, but the release date is one bit of information which has been kept under wraps wraps until today. It has now been confirmed that the PS4 will be available in the United States starting November 15th and in Europe on November 29th.

Until now Sony has only stated that the device will arrive in fall this year, but now that we have a clear release date, PlayStation users will know when they will get their hands on the newest Sony gaming console.

Meanwhile the Xbox One is also slated for a November release, and while Microsoft has not revealed the exact launch date, its likely they will follow Sony's cue and let us know exactly when we can expect the Xbox One as well.

So unless you have already pre-ordered your PS4 you can get set to order your device on the aforementioned dates for its $399 retail price. This holiday season is bound to be enjoyable for gamers around the world as the console release will spread across 32 countries before the end of this year's holidays.

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