[Chrome app] DJ's Mobiles - HUB

DJs Mobiles HUB for Chrome OSSince our migration back to Google's services from Wordpress we have split out DJ's Mobile's website into too component. With DJ's Mobiles now acting as a tech news blog, we have extended the other functionality of or website into the DJ's Mobiles - HUB.

The HUB is also available as an app for Chrome or Chrome OS users and can be downloaded through the Chrome Store or by using the following link:

While DJ's Mobiles brings you the latest news, The HUB acts as an organized information resource. The DJ's Mobiles HUB has the following features:
  • Browse through the three top smartphone platforms and find your favorite device, apps and various guides for that platform.
  • Visit our list of guides to help you take care of all your tech needs
  • Information resource which collates information on technology to help our readers discover something new about the tech they love
  • 'Carrier' allows users to find news and devices from their favorite mobile network carriers
  • 'Manufacturer' allows users to find news and devices from their favorite brands.
You can also visit the other networks within DJ's Mobiles from our HUB:
  • Downloads - Download new wallpapers, ringtones, themes and more for your devices
  • STREAM - Find news on the latest movies, music and tv shows. STREAM by DJ's Mobiles is our entertainment hub.
  • BUILD - Need help building your new website or other IT solution? we have a team of developers who are here to help. Head over to BUILD and find out what we can do for you.

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