GTA 5 gameplay trailer released

Rockstar Games has released a gameplay trailer for their upcoming GTA V giving us an added incentive on why we should purchase the game. We have already seen screenshots and special editions of GTA V which is expected to arrive on September 17.

Now we can sit back and enjoy the following gameplay video, which is five minutes long and offers a offers a running commentary of some of the characters, missions, and vehicles. The game offers far more than just running and shooting your way through the usual missions, including several recreational activities such as tennis and bike riding to keep you entertained.

It was recently revealed that Grand Theft Auto V will require an additional 8GB of storage space on your console, which will be an issue for Xbox 360 owners will 8GB or lower hard drives. In such cases, you may have to get ready to upgrade your internal storage or connect your external hard drive or USB drive in order to enjoy the game.

Now with the game finally arrives on September 17 for your Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 you will be all ready to enjoy what could probably be the biggest release on either console to date.

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