Android 4.3 leaked for the Google Nexus 4

With an announcement of Android 4.3 likely around the corner, the next version of Google Mobile operating system, Android 4.3 has leaked for the Google Nexus 4. The leaked version of Android 4.3 carries the build JWR66N which originally leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition a few weeks ago.

Most of the enhancements in Android 4.3 our under the hood improvements and tweaks with some noteworthy enhancements to the camera, notifications and to the way apps and widgets are sorted.

Enhanced Camera

With Google's focus now shifting toward providing a superior camera experience on their next generation Nexus smartphone, its no surprise that they have already started improving their existing camera interface. While the features on the current Android 4.2 Jelly Bean camera are quite impressive, Google looks to be improving the camera further with the Android 4.3 update. While the update is mostly visual it makes navigating through the interface much easier than before.

Deeper Notification functionality

With Android 4.3, your apps will have full access to the notification shade, allowing them to read and discard notifications and even activate certain actions in the notifications. These apps will be known as “Notification listeners” and there will be a separate menu that you can access under Settings > Shortcuts > Settings Shortcuts you’d see a listing for 'Notifications'.

Additionally it looks like third party accessories like Google Glass will get access to the notification bar and will be able to replicate it.

App and Widget sorting Based on Usage

Currently apps and widgets on Android 4.2 are sorted alphabetically without alternate sorting options. While many rely on app shortcuts and widgets on their homescreens, those who prefer heading to their app drawer to open apps will have something to look forward to with the Android 4.3 update. The next version of Android will be able to sort your apps and widgets based on your usage pushing the most commonly used ones ahead. This functionality is currently being referred to as 'sort by favorite' inside Google.

Other improvements which have been discovered include references to Bluetooth LE (Low Energy), Open GL ES 3.0 support, new dialer options, an "always on" option for Wifi-based location services, and improvements to touch sensitivity for the Nexus 4. There are also several new options for developers.

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source - PhoneArena | Android Central

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