HTC One GSM receives Google Edition ROM

While HTC did imply that they may release an official Google Edition ROM for their early HTC One adopters, this ROM comes courtesy of the XDA Developers community. The software has been extracted from the HTC One Google Edition and will work on any GSM HTC One device.

Just keep in mind that your device will have to be rooted, busyboxed, odexed, and repackaged with custom recovery in order to install the ROM.

Users who have installed this custom ROM have reported that everything work well, except for data usage charts, which doesn't work. Other than that you get a clean version of Android with an updated camera and all the functionality available on the HTC One GE.

Do you want to try out the Google Edition ROM on your HTC One? Check out our following guide on:

How to install Google Edition ROM on HTC One

[NOTE] Installing a custom ROM will void the warranty of your device. Please do not proceed with this guide if you do not understand the risks of installing custom ROMs.

[NOTE] Backup your Android device using the Nandroid, Titanium Backup or use our guide on how to backup your device without root access if you haven't rooted yet.

[NOTE] Keep in mind that your HTC One will no longer have the HTC Sense user interface after installing this ROM as it offers pure Android 4.3 stock experience.

[DISCLAIMER] This website nor the developers of the custom ROM are responsible for any loss of data or device malfunction which can occur from installing this ROM. Please proceed at your own risk.

  1. Download the Android 4.3 ROM for your device and save it to the SD Card folder.
  2. Boot your device into Recovery mode by pressing Power and Volume down buttons
  3. Perform a factory reset/wipe data.
  4. Go to Install ZIP From SD Card, followed by Choose ZIP From SD Card, and flash the ROM package.
  5. Wait for your flashing to complete and reboot your device
Once your device reboots you will have an HTC One running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

source - XDA Developers

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