Apple iPhone celebrates 6th birthday today

The Apple iPhone was greeted six years ago and would forever change the course of smartphones after it. The smartphone was first announced on January 9th 2007 but would eventually make its way to the public 6 years ago to date. The first iPhone featured a 3.5 inch touch display with a 320 by 480 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 165 ppi  which is far from the Retina Display on the modern Apple iPhone 5.

Additionally the original iPhone featured a 2 megapixel rear camera, up to 8GB of internal storage and was powered by a 412MHz processor with just 128MB of RAM.

Features like GPS and 3G connectivity were not available on this device, nor did it have MMS or an LED flash for its camera. In fact the camera didn't even feature autofocus. Technology has come a long way over the past six years, and we won't even find an entry level smartphone which such low hardware specifications

When the first iPhone was released on June 29th 2007, its 4GB variant was price at $499. AT&T would then offer the handset for $299 while the 8GB variant would cost $399 if customers were willing to sign a two-year contract with the carrier.

The original iPhone is now considered vintage or obsolete by Apple and if you still have one of these devices lying around, you can be assured that you have a piece of history in your hands.

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