ViewSonic VSD241 - Hands On Video

The ViewSonic VSD241 is an all in one PC which runs . The device features a 24 inch multi-touch IPS panel, MHL connectivity and is powered by an NVidia quad-core processor.

It may not be in par in performance with a full fledged all-in-one PCs but would be good enough to get you through most basic tasks.

We felt this device would greatly benefit from the  update, which comes with multi-user support. We also suspect that manufacturers exploring larger form factors could indicate a merging of the Chrome OS desktop system with Android sometime in the operating system’s future.

Like most all-in-one devices the VSD241 comes with a keyboard and mouse, which may feel a little out of place for the touch optimized Android. While it may not replace the functionality of a traditional Windows, Mac or Linux computer it should be ideal for general users in this post PC era.

source - PhoneArena

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