Sony announces event for February 20, PlayStation 4 announcement likely?

Sony LogoSony has announced a media event for February 20, and the general understanding is that the company will be unveiling the PlayStation 4 during that event. This will be the first major PlayStation event in two years, and rumors are running rampant that the company will finally unveil its successor to its 70 million-selling PlayStation 3 gaming console.

Sony declined to comment on whether it would be releasing a new product at the meeting in New York, with spokesperson Msaki Tsukakoshi simply stating that they will be talking about the PlayStation business.

Sony PlayStation LogoSony’s last PlayStation event was held in January 2011, where the company presented a prototype of the PlayStation Vita. Before that it convened it 2005, two months after demonstrating the PS3 concept and in 1999 when the company revealed the designs for the PlayStation 2.

A lot has changed since Sony’s last gaming console launch, with the gaming market being transformed by mobile games. Players have been presented with enjoying games on their smartphones and tablets at very affordable prices. Because of this company’s like Sony have shifted their focus on competing in this portable gaming industry and we are curious to see how this will transition toward the thinking of Sony’s next generation console.

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We will be following Sony’s media event on February 20th and will keep you up-to-date on what the company unveils. Stay tuned to us on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter for updates.   source - Sony

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