Microsoft Surface Pro can run Linux

There were concerns that Microsoft will lock down Windows 8 tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro, in the same way that the Microsoft Surface RT and other Windows RT tablets have their boot loader locked. In fact the Microsoft Surface Pro team have confirmed that the tablet will be able to run Linux in a dual-boot environment.

The information was revealed on a Reddit Ask Me About Anything session with Panos Panay, the Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, you plays a big part in the development of the Surface.

The question came from a concerned Surface Pro user who asked, "For the Surface the boot loader unlocked? Can I do what I want with my (potential) property? Or am I locked in to Windows 8?"

Panay responded saying;
Like other Windows 8 machines, you can access BIOS settings and turn off secure boot, enabling you to load other OSes.
So that clears thing, The Microsoft Surface Pro like other Windows 8 tablets will allows users to turn off secure boot and load up Ubuntu or any other Linux distro they want. Meanwhile Windows RT tablets and Windows Phones will remain locked.


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